Tour of Long Island

Valt & Sandy
Sat 16 Mar 2013 13:20
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March 15, 2013 
    The tour would start at 10:00am.   Two church/school buses had been hired to take 70 people on a tour of the south end of Long Island.  Our driver, Dave Hastings was a local white Bahamian.  This island has many white citizens, descendants of the English Loyalists who refused to participate in the American Revolutionary War.  Some also came during the American Civil War to set up plantations.  Piling into the bus we headed to Clarencetown, the capital of the island.  The homes along the way were nice.  Colorfully painted, they had flower and vegetable gardens.   Our first stop was a beautiful Anglican church built by Father Jerome.  He built four Anglican churches before converting to Catholicism and building The Hermitage, a monastery and church on Cat Island. The structure was beautiful and still in use today.  
    World famous "Dean's Blue Hole" was next.  663' deep, the blue hole attracts free divers from all over the globe.  World records are set and broken here.  Free divers do not use scuba tanks, holding their breath to dive instead.  Several tourist donned swimsuits, mask and snorkel and went in to explore the hole. 
Dean's Blue Hole
Historic Anglican Church