Cape Santa Maria

Valt & Sandy
Wed 20 Mar 2013 00:47
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March 19,2013
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue....... He first touched land at San Salvador, then the island now called Rum Cay. His third stop in the Bahamas was Cape Santa Maria at the northern tip of Long Island. Here is where we sit anchored today in pretty little Calabash Bay Clear and with plenty of water, it is rimmed with sugar-sand beaches. A small resort is here, too.
Monday we'd left our Salt Pond anchorage and had an uneventful 25 mile passage here. Several sailboats and catamarans had the same idea and dotted the harbor. It was a good jumping off point for several popular destinations including Conception, Cat Cat, and Rum Cay. Funny how some of Columbus' place names stuck.
Jim and Janie from Pirate invited us to fish the Cape in their 17' Nouvrania dinghy. We dragged our bait for hours. At one point we saw flocks of birds, even fish boils. But got no fish. We admired the Christopher Columbus Monument and imagined what he found here on this first visit. After 3 hours we gave up fishing. But we'd had a great tour of the area and the day was not a loss. We freshened up, then went to happy hour at the resort. Tropically posh, we enjoy walking the grounds and beaches, chatting with their guests.
The small swells had diminished and we were very comfortable in our anchorage. Tired but happy, we returned to the boat. We'd dream of fishing the 25 miles to Rum Cay tomorrow, filling the freezer with fresh mahi.

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