DAY 19 - trade winds, finally

Tue 9 Dec 2008 12:29
15:08.90N  50:26.20W
7 AM, Tuesday morning
We are catching up speed! Since Sunday we fell into the desired trade wind, starting easy at 8 -12 kn but throughout yesterday and last night moderate to strong 15-20 kn, north east direction, offering the yacht a surf on the beam at steady 6.5 - 7.5 knots, at peaks > 8 kn. Before (last night) sunset we demounted the spinnaker boom in case a rough night (forecasted gale strength, but did not happen), and we have since been on a starboard tack. The last 24 hrs log confirms our improved achievement; expecting to log 151 miles this 18th day in sea.
Everyone onboard are of course pleased with the positive shift after some 10 days with 'untidy' and 'chaotic' wind (or no-wind) pattern. It has really got to our nerves but now spirit is strong and we are looking forward to catch sight of land perhaps on Sunday. At noon today we will have 600 nm left. Helena is particularly pleased with the steady starboard tack since she stops falling out of the bunk during nights (there is an isle to her right).
Trade wind offers limited sail adjustments and duties at the helm so life onboard becomes more relaxed. Magnar has taken his standard position on deck continuously looking to the horizon (surely, he will be first to catch sight of land). He still, after 2 1/2 week at sea, struggles with nausea when under deck. Arvid is about to nurse his burn injury from boiling water in the galley (a few days ago) - only local 1st and 2nd degree and we have appropriate medical supplies onboard to treat it properly - no problem. And Knut has taken up his daily studies in celestial navigation. Good luck!!
We push forward at good speed, hope to maintain the current wind strength until Thursday, at least it's what the current forecast offers us.
Last 3 days log:
Day 18   151 nm
Day 17   119 nm
Day 16     96 nm
Sunrise at 06:40 AM
Current/previous log, 9th Dec. noon:  2186 nm
Day 15   115 nm 
Day 14   112 nm
Day 13   103 nm
Day 12   118 nm
Day 11   103 nm
Day 10   118 nm
Day 9    113 nm
Day 8    117 nm
Day 7    127 nm
Day 6    118 nm
Day 5    150 nm
Day 4    137 nm
Day 3    100 nm
Day 2    120 nm
Day 1    170 nm