Day 17 - photos from last week

Sun 7 Dec 2008 18:29
15:20.10N  46:24.50W
Sunday afternoon.
After a sunny Saturday we experience today some scattered clouds with misty light rain. Steady wind from east north-east at strength 8 -12 kn provides a smooth gliding through the waters with 4.5 kn at course 270 degree. We are mostly on a starboard tack. We are at the outskirts of an enlarging north east wind pattern which will give us more steady wind, though it's still too mild to fully enjoy.
Our electronic fluxgate compass has gone mad, it's 150 degree out and the magnetic as well is 30 degree off. For our direction we rely on the GPS which causes no problem at all. Last night we had some excellent head direction from the moon, which is 'sitting' in the west, provided a nice enlighten pathway on the sea surface towards our exact target.
We have seen few boats since we left Puerto Rico. Only the first two nights we run into a towing boat and a cruise ship, both at collision course and we had to amend course and speed (with engine) to avoid any inconvenience. Since then nothing but now we haw two sailing yachts in sight at far distance starboard side.
70% of the journey is completed as we speak. 850 theoretical miles left.
After 11 days: 1400 miles, half done, worth a toast: - Pancakes, blueberry jam and a brandy - perfect mix,
...and some aqua. Daytime life on board consists of water, coffee and books, if not a Dorado takes the bait

Arvid; perhaps it would be better to put the trousers before you put on the rain coat.  Drying day after 2-3 days of heavy rain
"Hitch hikers"on top of the solar cell panels - they sat there all night not scared by the camera blitz (at 1 mtr.)