DAY 4 - Dolphins

Mon 24 Nov 2008 09:36
24:21.30N  21:13.00W
We did catch up with them later?
The dolphins were back just before sunset the same day, Saturday, and they were performing enjoyable, acrobatic shows for us for more than 1 hour - see photos. They seemed to be communicating well together since many of their (jointly performed) stunts were coordinated in an impressive way. They are so hard to catch in the camera lenses.
We have logged
day 1:    170 nm (Nautical miles)
day 2:    120 nm
day 3:    100 nm
Another 2,600 nm (4,800 km) to go.
The Crew:
Svein - the skipper and owner, from Stavanger/Norway but living most of the year in his yacht in Mediterranean
Helena - from Riga/Latvia
Magnar - Trondheim/Norway
Knut - also a Norwegian but resident in Miami
Arvid - resident in Athens
We have now gradually fallen into our daily routines. During daytime we have some 11-12 hours daylight and we are mainly relaxing on deck only interrupted by the necessary works like preparing meals followed by the dish washing and other cleaning that is needed. When dark comes we fall into the pattern of a typical family (w/ children); some goes to bed early around 7-8 pm, and some come back home at 5 in the morning.....!  In our case Knut, - since he is on watch duty from 11 pm, he is the first to hit the bed, and the rest of us follow in the next 1-2 hours in order to catch some rest before our watch. Arvid turns into duty from 2 am and Magnar at 5 am. Svein has the late evening watch until 11 pm and starts again at 8 am. We decided to split the watch- and helmsman duties into 3+9, means 3 hrs on-duty and 9 hours off, it means for each of us a 3 hrs shift during daytime as well as in night. Hence, we establish individual sleeping pattern and biorhythm during the 12 dark hours.
The moon has been slowly decreasing. Sunday morning was the last time we saw it, arising at 3:30 in a quite relaxed, horisontal laid-back shape - it can not be the same moon we have in Europe. It will now be gone until end of the month, and it will grow to its full size by mid December. Lack of moon light definitely made the night darker
We move very slowly at the moment, and we expect to do so for the next few days until we find the passat (trade) wind. Our concern is for how long...? 
Current wind speed 8-10 knots
Boat speed 4-5 knots
Boring !!