DAY 10 - Lazy hours

Sun 30 Nov 2008 14:15
19:25.30N  33:48.40W
After the good advance we made until Saturday (yesterday) morning during the rough weather we have now been caught in a doldrums (see day 2). Last night we did only 2-3 knots at its worst. We decided to sacrifice some fuel and the direction is now changed to more south to try get out of it. This area is for sunbathing and not for sailing !!
The next 2-3 days will be lazy days but nonetheless critical for the total time schedule. According to the latest weather reports we believe it stretches 400 nm westwards and 150 nm to south and this may really slow us down. We should find good or better wind conditions south of 18N and west of 40W. We therefore head south.
Looking forward to Tuesday - hoping to break the "50% achieved" milestone.
Nice surf with the wind - autopilot does the job
Port tack in the 30-35 knots wind, 90 degree to the bow
Fishing for Dorado. Knut exited
And Magnar and Arvid preparing the meal in the galley. Knut at the helm with his fish soup
Patented water supply and coffee solution
Current log (actual):  1152 nm
Day 9    113 nm 
Day 8    117 nm
Day 7    127 nm
Day 6    118 nm
Day 5    150 nm
Day 4    137 nm
Day 3    100 nm
Day 2    120 nm
Day 1    170 nm