DAY 7 - 2000 Nautice miles remains

Thu 27 Nov 2008 09:33
21:51.80N  27:53.50W
6 days in the sea are now behind us and we have just passed a milestone; "only 2000 nm" left (=3,800 km), well aware it's a calculated (theoretical) straight line to the target destination. It means we have covered >25% of the distance. (6/14 of the latitude degrees and 12/45 of longitude degrees). I wish the Atlantic was not sooo big...
Everything is fine onboard, We are currently 'gliding' through a calm sea in a speed of 4-5 knots, not that enthusiastic but nevertheless not bad considering that we are again into a calm to moderate wind area, only 8 -10 knots wind since last afternoon. Around 2 am it started light raining. We actually made very good progress from Tuesday to Wednesday afternoon with boat speed of regular 6-7 knots and in some periods up to 8 and above. After we were able to shift to a starboard tack on Monday the yacht has been stable and we have been catching up sleep and good rest. The 2 x 3 hrs duties we have is actually quite comfortable. Yesterday morning we demounted the spinnaker boom since the wind turned to southerly, and we have been sailing more up against the wind.
We logged 150 nm that day which brings us up to a total of 677 nm. This is 4% above the theoretical route Puerto Rico - Current position.
Speed and daily miles achievement become our common discussion topic, it is all about knots and miles and improving the conditions for making better progress. Guess it is the same with all other long haul travelers as well. We have 200 regatta sailing yachts chasing us from behind and we believe we are still some 1 - 2 days ahead of them. Our goal is to keep as many as possible behind. They are participating in the ARC. We are not. 
We continue to catch Dorado fish, size 2-3 kg. Two nice pieces have so far landed in the frying pan but two also got away just as we were to pull them over the pushpit (stern railing). Dorado is very colorful with its sky-blue color while in water and once it lands on onboard it turns to yellow. It tastes almost like mackerel. Knut is the chief cook, and he is a master in front of the oven, whether it is a fresh catch from the sea or our food purchases from the fridge .