END of journey

Sun 14 Dec 2008 22:55
14:27.94N  60:52.32W
We have arrived. Mission completed.
During night we were slowly gliding into the shallow waters of Sainte-Anne at the south end of Martinique. At exact midnight local time we put the mooring lines at the pier where we could purchase diesel fuel. Then our approach plan; first thing first. - the pub for a beer - diesel in the morning - then a shower. The local pub did offer us service after midnight - it was great. Four unshaved men had no problem to get a space at the bar - the bar girl confirmed that we smelled like men as well. The 300 meters walk to the bar did not go without pain - Magnar experiences today a foot blister (gnagsår) on his left heel, we are obviously out of shape.
After the diesel refill this morning we moved the yacht to anchor mooring in the bay nearby. Since the last few days have been pretty bumpy (rock and roll) hence difficult to sleep, it was good to catch up some hours with a long mid-day nap today.
The journey ends here, so does the blog. Some final remarks though:
We have covered 2800 Nautical miles (5,200 km) in 22 days and 16 hours. We have completed this task with no accidents, no major injuries (besides the hot water burn injury), and we are still good friends. The sailing with respect to the weather has perhaps not been the big challenge. The toughest time was indeed the full week (8-10 days) when we were encapsulated in the doldrums and had less influence of our next move and progress, -The real challenge lies with the human mental mind of the individuals and its behavior in the team - there has been no 'teeth out' nor negative arguments among the crew during the 23 days and we have been living and breathing in a very closed compartment and environment - shared beds and meals every day and nights. There is no way you can disembark such a journey at any time you may wish. We worked the problems and found the solution. This is a conclusive remark to the credit of the five individuals on board. 
Total log:  2797 nm
Day 23     75 nm
Day 22   140 nm
Day 21   131 nm
Day 20   137 nm
Day 19   127 nm
Day 18   151 nm
Day 17   119 nm
Day 16     96 nm
Day 15   115 nm
Day 14   112 nm
Day 13   103 nm
Day 12   118 nm
Day 11   103 nm
Day 10   118 nm
Day 9    113 nm
Day 8    117 nm
Day 7    127 nm
Day 6    118 nm
Day 5    150 nm
Day 4    137 nm
Day 3    100 nm
Day 2    120 nm
Day 1    170 nm