DAY 8 - Riders in the storm

Fri 28 Nov 2008 20:21


21:04.00N  31:15.80W



We felt like the ‘Riders in the storm’ (Jim Morison, the Doors) yesterday and night although it was just a gale. However, with a wind of 30-35 knots at 90 degree to the bow (from south) it is of course rougher than having the wind from behind, which is quite pleasant when you can surf on the waves. It is the low pressure centre hanging north of us that influences the overall wind picture in this part of the Atlantic. Our weather reports, however, prepared us well for whatever to come; Italian pasta ready made for two days so we should not struggle with cooking in bad weather and both sails were reefed to 50%. The yacht performed extremely well and was able to push through at a consistent and steady 5.5 knots. Not bad. But my newly shampoo washed hair was just a complete waste.


We passed today, after 7 days in sea, exactly 1/3 of the journey. Last days log: Day 6; 118 nm, Day 7: 122 nm.


The ARC regatta yachts chasing behind seem to experience the same weather picture hence most of the regatta yachts have decided to head far south to Cape Verde and then turn sharply westwards. We have chosen a shorter route closer to the straight line even though the south winds we now experience is far more unpredictable.


- Thank you Siri, we appreciate continued reports from you on the position and wind conditions of the ARC yachts.


We think the low pressure has now moved away north. The sun has come back smiling warmly to us after two days of  clouds and misty rain. Even the nights are pleasant, and the water temperature which we monitor from cockpit, has increased from 21 Celsius (in GC) to current 25. The meteorological forecast tells that the Low pressure moving north will be replaced by a High pressure centre. Welcome summer!


Magnar has invented a new fishing method: On his watch last night a Flying fish just jumped into his lap at the helm. Quite a shock in the black darkness not knowing what actually hit him, but after picking up the torch, to his surprise he found the next morning breakfast addition, ala pan fried. (of course Magnar was secured with life west fixed to his safety line).


As the winds continue from south east we are on a port tack at a course 255 degree at current speed 7 - 7.5 knots and hoping (but doubting) it will remain like that.


Will put out some photos tomorrow.