DAY 13 - half way there

Wed 3 Dec 2008 18:41
16:51.00N  39:24.20W
Last evening 50% achieved as we clocked 11 days 7 hours in the sea. This is 1.5 day after original schedule. 
The milestone was duly celebrated in an appropriate manner, a tiny small glass of Gran Reserva brandy for each. (We try to keep spirit up, of course, and look for any positive events every day). Now we start counting down. More motivating.
We are into our 13th day now, afternoon time, having enjoyed some few hours with a local 15 knots south-east but it just died out again.
Last 48 hours, have been compensating speed with engine on and off. Only chance to keep the current speed log. But fuel don't last forever.
Don't talk about the weather. We cannot change it. It is just nice, too nice and suitable for a holiday at the moment, though interrupted by some rain showers now and then. I hate sailing...!
The big event yesterday was the lost fishing line and hook with its tackle/bait. We really got something BIG on the hook and we had no chance whatsoever to hold it or even manage the winder (correct English?). The fish, or whatever it could be, just went off and pulled the complete line off the winder which went empty of line and the line finally broke by force. We used a 1 mm line. Could have been a swordfish or even a Kingfish which can be up to a couple of meters. The fishing equipment is intact again now - we had spare.
Another night is here soon, currently the horizon is very dark but the weather clouds are drifting away from us.
Current log (actual):  1491 nm 
Day 12   118 nm
Day 11   103 nm
Day 10   118 nm
Day 9    113 nm
Day 8    117 nm
Day 7    127 nm
Day 6    118 nm
Day 5    150 nm
Day 4    137 nm
Day 3    100 nm
Day 2    120 nm
Day 1    170 nm