DAY 22 - the dream of a cold beer

Fri 12 Dec 2008 12:57
14:08.10N  57:21.40W
We are presumably heading into our second last day in open sea. A great relief - we all think this 'lake' has been large enough. The cross Atlantic route from Gran Canaries to Caribbean (we are told...) is the longest open leg on the around-the-globe sailing route with no possibility to seek any safe (island) harbor underway.
Since last waypoint (Friday early morning) we have been sailing with the wind at the stern hence a direction 245 degree even though it took us 20 degree off-course. Both sails spread wing-on-wing' but it brought us south in order to obtain a more tactical final course 275+ degree up to Martinique. The wind is coming from east but slightly north (east-north-east) and we wish to set a starboard tack on the last 200 miles leg.
Still maintaining acceptable speed, average 5.5 to 6 kn and when the squalls come, up to  7-8 kn. Last night we enjoyed a good rally at 8.0 - 8.5 kn for a while at 35 knots wind. Sailing is fun !! Unfortunately, such moments never last that long, and they are followed by subsequent rain pours.
We encounter a problem with the water production. Since last 7-8 days (when our water tanks were full) we struggle to maintain it's level. Now they are both empty. First we thought that we use too much water per day; "unnecessary" body care and showers, but now we suspect that, either we have a leak somewhere or the watermaker is not producing even near to what the flow meter indicates (30 ltr./hr). Most likely a leak (a fault hose connection?), and it is unlikely that we will come to the bottom of this problem until we reach shore. Anyway, we are not too concerned about it since we have less than two days left in open see and our spare (emergency) drinking water is still sufficient - we have 30 liters left for the remaining two days. Who cares about 'body care' when we can have a decent shower in Martinique? The shampoo bottle we purchased in Puerto Rico I can assure is still almost full. That's what an Atlantic crossing is about!!
Drinking water vs. ??.
We take water at breakfast, for lunch and dinner, and as well in between meals in order to obtain a sufficient body liquid balance.This is of course critical. But as days pass we dream of something else; an ice cold pint of beer in Port de France in Martinique. A shower comes next.... We will get there soon.
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