Not gone yet

Fri 4 Dec 2015 22:42
I'm at Las Palmas  28.1500° N, 15.4167° W

The Sailor Bar is still here, same staff ...but seems to be the Sailor Bay on all the new signs.  Obviously, it's a completely different entity from the Sailor Bar, m'lud,  I don't know anything about them at all. Do they owe people money?  Really?  What dreadful scoundrels. 

I had a problem with the VHF, and a while ago i also had a problem making the CD radio work.  That's cos although the rest of the boat is massive 24v, the little 12v battery for these items was giving just 6.5 volts.  New battery, sorted.  

I might get the Snap email working on Monday.  The way I have solved the technical issues is to sail from Lanza to Las Palmas, find Mike from Nimble Navigator, and pay him fifty bucks to sort it out. Just like he found the dud battery above.  That's mainly why I'm here... 

Otherwise all if fine enough.  Probably going Tuesday or wednesday