Slow motion

Sun 13 Dec 2015 04:50
23:36N 22:11W Cog 225 Sog 1.6 knots

Yesterday Bx announced that all weather had been cancelled for a few days. I could try rushing off to Cape Verdes to get fuel but it's 500nm so that would take a few days. I reckon sorta hanging about here just as good. So anyway I stopped motoring. Ooh look SOG 2.5 knots now - the third-of-the-way 2030 waypoint is a mere 9 days away .

Right so i have just woken up - slightly altered watch systems apply under 2knots I think ... so i am going to send this quickly and check emails. Meanwhile if anyone else has got some weather esp any wind, please be sure to put it in an email and send it to me here at 2321. Thanks. Ooh look- 14 days to the waypoint at 1.6 knots.... and 17 days at 1.4 ....