Tues 22nd

Tue 22 Dec 2015 05:34
17:17N 41:59W 7 kts west sea 2-3 m all as Bx predictions

All fine enough here - rescuing oranges at the moment.

Oh and I read the Ian Rankin story kinda ripped off low-rent version of Thomas Crown affair with art copies but he ackowledges the idea from elsewhere - jsut that his treatment is more amateurs in Edinburgh. Ian Rankin has an OBE for literature! So tell me Ian, wot exactly is a "toothcomb" hm? Page 121 "a fine toothcomb" hm? No such thing is there? Correct, there isn't. You meant a "fine-toothed comb" dintcha? Sheesh. One minute you think ooh right so this is how you write a book then SCREECH virtual car-crash with "fine toothcomb" duh...

Oh and Tony and others - if you reply to a satphone message, cut off the original message? Else I use time sending you the message and time again you sending the same thing back? It's not the money it's the minutes!