Sunday 20th

Sun 20 Dec 2015 09:25
17:31N 35:59W still westish at 7-8 knots overnight . The sea straightened itself out a bit more in line with wind direction, so smoother ride this morning. Bx advised "boisterous" seas - eek! In the lexicon of understated forecasting, words like "boisterous" pop their heads way above others and is just short of "serious" or the all-encompassing "rough". But in the dawn light it seems not too bad or maybe I've quickly become used to "boisterous". The sea is behind so it's not a wet ride - a few stinky fish fly into the cockpit but that's about it.

Stingo John has been ever so helpful on emails and things so I should thank him for that. Looks like Martin has run out of things to do and has finally had to do a bit of work. What else? Oh yes I ripped through a grisham yesterday "rogue lawyer" quite good stuff. I have found "the client" again also by grisham which is quite cute cos the client is 11 years old...

I was thinking of peraps going and letting a bit of sail out - only have genoa with 4 rolls in it ...and then the boat did that big lurchy thing which makes you think well heh maybe not do that just leave things as they are for the moment ahem.

Yep another nice lot of sleep yestrday. Being becalmed was a nice lead-in to the solo sailing (mainly = sleeping whils t sailing) and it's now no problems at all to rig things to 7-8 knots say max 9 - and go to bed for an hour or two. Yikes! There's alarms set but yerknow ... anyway it's fine so far... altho I think i ought to behave more like solo sailing when getting up to check things instead of skipper of large crew - with large crew if you go near helm and one or two loitering around oh it's all fine no drama i won't interfere ... and likewise on empty ship cracking along at 7-8 knots oh well yes it all seems fine nobody seems perturbed ... anyway ahem all fine so far sheesh

I just had a look outside not very sunny 20kts behind but I'm sneaking along with rolled-up genoa ... and now james txts to say it looks pretty nasty round the Azores hi james... has this system got a name I wonder? If so it's either Larry (and there's a friend Larry minding the house) or Mindie !

Food dept The lettuce is still mostly edible to make sandwiches look a bit more thought out. I only have one sandwich a day tho bit of ham and phil spread. Oranges /satsumas doing fine cowering in a cupboard and rolling about a bit too much. Kiwi fruit had the last of them yesterday always go soft and even worse in fridge - quite good to get 10 days. I completley over-ordered on the eggs and still have 4 dozen left likewise all those steaks and things still in the freezer . The snack bars are going ok likewise protein drinks.