Late Monday

Mon 14 Dec 2015 18:32
22:22N 23:00W at sunset Monday 14th

Bx advised that there could be wind after lunch on Wednesday . He rather said it as though if I don't have lunch then there won't be any wind. huh! But he also said it would be best to be below 19N or about 4 degrees of latitude further south... Each degree of latitude is 60nautical miles so 240nm south couple of days at 5 knots... Mindelo at Cape Verdes is another day south (another two degrees) and well we'll see about going for fuel or not ...

I washed the boat a bit this morning . Bit of grime from lanzarote i thought i would remove ... Or of course clear indication of advancing madness

Channel 16 is mercifully quiet at last. Sheesh! big racket all night back in the Canaries with DSC calls - i just turn it off after one squawky screechy call every half an hour . Or maybe it was specifically me that they were trying to contact? A regional jet landed in the sea and passengers WOULD have been fine IF that guy in the boat had answered his VHF properly but instead they all perished ....

Martin wants to know if it's nicer becalmed on your own - or with crew? And of course the krect answer is -it depends on the crew. Actually i have been a bit becalmed quite lot (tho not this much as far as i remember) and it was always fine.

One thing I might do is make sure I have better books - so NOT Game of Thrones.... Behold! it is I Matt of the far Northern Marches come to visit you in your thick yet boring book identifiable as bit sus in advance with it needing a map in the front a sure sign of a so-so book but anyways, pray what is this outsize fox? Ah tis the Dire Wolf sire fully twice the size of a normal wolf and hardly ever seen in these southern parts of the kingdome what with summer lasting several years but anyway never mind about that how can we help? Well I am pleased that you askd you sister of likely heir to some weirdy don't-care throne for I am now many pages into this book and on a Quest in Urgent Search of a PLOT? Oh well then the news for you is quite bad cos basically we all stand about either a bit frightened or extra scary in odd bits of landscape but with normal human characteristics so it's fine for TV - no detectable plot but we dress more skimpy on TV to improve the viewing figures. But the book is a bit heavy going really - and you gotta ask yourself if you had trouble with the Bernard Cornwell a few days ago with just two overlords one called King of France and the other the Black Prince - how you gonna be with 46 different kings all called forgettable things Valisir and Illitorgoti , hm? Much better you go get a modern whodunit and leave this sort of grand garbage to the gaming nutters okay?