Fri 18 Dec 2015 10:12
18:03N 29:47W sailing at 8+knots heading west

Loads more sailing on this trip, cos the cruising catamarans can’t sail on as many points of wind, or at least not when loaded with gear they can’t. That’s why some buy the catamaran with lovely demo on an empty boat and the boat does 10knots in only 10knots of wind! But then loaded up, meh, not at all the same, catamaran turns into sea-going slug. Whereas we’re wafting along in genteel silence at 8-9knots very lovely stuff.

I have just had a bit of an issue with the strings, yerknow, gone too may times round the furler or summing, genoa flapping, uncoil everything, motor downwind, put it all back together and now the boat is doing that Oh I don’t know what the fuss was about…

First thing this morning it was fooling about at 6-7 knots with poled-out genoa assuming wind behind, which it wasn’t…and now swooshing along at 8-9knots with much-easier no-pole arrangement. I was getting a bit iffy about the pole what with Bx promising 22+Kts on Sunday, hum. Not as easy to fold all the toys/rags away if the 22knots became a maxed 22knots with extra fries, and would you like a 5 metre sea with that sir? Er no thanks. Well it’s free so you’ll get it anyway sir. Sorry, sarah, that’s enough McSailing.

Martin has been in touch and says the blog is actually helping him at work. He has quite a lot of work on at the moment but works better under pressure - so the more time he spends faffing about on the blog, the more pressure and hence the better it is work-wise.

Friend Mark has also found the blog. Actually he found the blog ages ago. He reminds me a little of those people who sit watching the TV with you and after 15minutes of tanks, Nazis etc they turn to you and ask “Is this a war film?” In a very similar way, Mark asked me last night if I was solo on the boat. Yeah, solo on the boat Mark. All fine, blogging at 8knots. Ooh, 8.9.

Yesterday and the day before I did the Beef Near-Bourguignon where you get lots of meat and wine and onions and let it soak, and make massive stew thing, then portion it out into freezer bags. I should have done this before setting out but I wasn’t hungry enough.