Saturday Morning

Sat 12 Dec 2015 09:41
24:15N 21:26W

Saturday today. Just a quick blog to put in the position and say hi.

Motoring towards 2030. Ooh, i just thought that perhaps me putting down some chat about 2030 has mucked up the mailasail map thing? I mean, mucked it up even more than it was already, with the xmas tree....

I spent most of the night snoozing. Big deal, huh - everyone spends most of the night snoozing. Except I was also hurtling towards oblivion, as Mandie describes night sailing. At the moment it seems that it gets light about 730ish. Still cold at 830 even though the sun is already up in the sky.

So, just to confirm for everyone incl Mandie (cos she was asking..) as well as Kate and Martin - yes, I definitely get emails, and texts. And of course I get BxWxTx as well, despite it being rather poor news weatherwise.

I’m doing a bit of diesel-fretting today. Nowhere near as much motoring range as on earlier trips.

I have a weird combination of books going, include a Bernard Cornwell called 1356, jeez, battle of Crecy and the Black Death as background isn’t a very jolly laugh. But it’s ok. The only thing about period dramas is that you just know there’s not gonna be any interesting cars or car chases, are there? And quite a few situations would have been dodged by having a mobile phone.