Crowhursting again

Thu 17 Dec 2015 10:19
18:23N 27:14W 6-7 knots on 270T

James has found the blog, and concerned that I might be arguing with myself. But I’m not. Am i? I don’t think so. Hm.

James is especially worried about any possible Donald Crowhursty tendencies. Like the xmas tree! Donald Crowhurst, Golden Globe singles handed race, 1968, the Frenchman Moitissier gives up the lead decides to dodge the fame, go round again toTahiti, Robin Knox-Johnson taking up the lead, and Crowhurst going a bit mad off the coast of Brazil, but sending transmissions as thought he’d been round the world fast. But the organisers smelled that things were not right, and Crowhurst stayed out in the Atlantic … the boat was eventually found washed up in the caribbean - still there perhaps - he’d left his ranting log and DC had likely stepped overboard, his madness taking him forever.

The plan is to mark the 50th anniversary with another Race in 2018 BUT you have to have an olde and small boat designed before 1978 i think, max 38feet, and no GPS. Loads of people are very interested, and I’m not one of them.

Solo sailing is an achievement when it’s done and it’s nice to spend time on your own from time to time, but I don’t think I need months and MONTHS on my own, and esp not in the flippin cold of the Southern Ocean, yuk.

Snap is due in the carib in a gentle 14-15 days or a fairly speedy 11 days or so, plenty of time yet. nice suntan on this route and no frostbite….