Off to sunnier climes - We hope! 49:51.19N 05:14.44W

Fri 2 Sep 2016 09:21
Hi Folks
After a hectic day yesterday provisioning and readying Sea Flute for the
Biscay crossing, we ate a hearty supper on board that Lindy had prepared and
had an early night in preparation for a dawn start today. We left Falmouth
at 07.00 in the gloom and drizzle and headed South West towards a waypoint
outside of the traffic separation zone North West of Brest which will be our
first turning point. We should arrive there at 20.30 today and then turn
slightly more to the South to cross Biscay. Unfortunately the wind is
forecast to stay South or South Westerly so we will probably be motoring for
at least the next 24 hours.
Our first stop is planned for Baiona and we should arrive early on Monday
morning all being well.
Tom has designed a watch system for these first three nights which will give
Lindy and Liz a gentle introduction to night watches with the option to
partake in accompanied watches if they choose. Tom, Ian and I will take two
hour watches from 18.00 through to 06.00.
Liz has had her first lesson in plotting our course and clearly is a natural
so another navigator on board.
Lindy and Liz spent most of yesterday cooking meals to last us for the whole
crossing so galley duties will be very light on this passage.
I was going to load some pictures into this log but good old Adobe won't
allow me to use the software I purchased until I register it online! So pics
will have to follow.
All for now and will update you on our progress in a few days.
Skipper Peds