See, see how fair it is, there in mid ocean. 14:04.46N 060:57.01W

Fri 9 Dec 2016 01:52
Hi folks, well here we are in St Lucia, the island of light. Two weeks, six
hours and thirty two minutes later, 2100 nautical miles or there abouts, we
finally arrived on Wednesday 30th at 19.32 hours after spending the last
thirty or so miles in the middle of a large raging squall. Huge waves,
strong winds, thunder and lightning and torrential rain. After having had
such smooth seas and light winds it was a bit disconcerting for the 'non
sailors' among us! When we finally got into the safety of the marina we were
welcomed by clapping, whistling and loud blasts from many of the yachts fog
horns. Members of the ARC team helped us with our lines and when we were
safely tied up they presented us with a lovely basket of fruit, a bottle of
Rum (which Tom seemed to take charge of) and a glass of rum punch for all of
us, what a lovely welcome. To top it off our friends Wendy & Ian, who live
in Grenada had sailed up to meet us and also welcomed us in. We were
completely euphoric, it was such a fantastic feeling knowing we had sailed
across the Atlantic ocean and, thank God, arrived safe and sound on the
other side. Since then we have had party after party, meeting up with the
friends we have made from the Oyster seminars and those we have met on our
way here, all have had great stories to tell. One auspicious day however,
Dave and Tom finally, once and for all, never to be repeated, fixed the
forward heads by completely replacing all of the piping, so hopefully that
monster has now been put to rest (or are those famous last words?) On Friday
we volunteered for the day to help the local Rotarians (mostly school kids)
to plant trees in the south of the island. The banana plantations there are
being planted over by native trees like Teak and Cinnamon, to help with soil
erosion and land slippage. We had to climb down where there had been mud
slides and plant up those areas. Needless to say we got very hot and very
muddy but we still had a great time. Sunday we took the tender around the
bay from the marina to the beach where I had my first swim in the sea since
we left home (marinas are not places for swimming) the water was beautifully
warm and clear, I think I could get used to this! At the moment we are
readying the boat for the off tomorrow morning, first stop Martinique then
Dominica, Guadeloupe and finally arriving in Antigua on the sixteenth of
December Where we will spend Christmas.
Tom will post some pictures in the next day or two and I'm chasing him to
complete the next video diary to keep us up to date.
Love and best wishes from Lindy and the Sea Flute crew. xxx