Last 30 Miles 14:13.44N 060:28.15W

Wed 30 Nov 2016 19:17
It's 1900 GMT on 30th November and the Atlantic Ocean Virgins - Liz, Lindy
and me - are 30NM from our first beer in 2 weeks...not that it's been on our
mind much! We should arrive St Lucia around 2000 local time.

Well what's it been like? Not quite what any of us expected and in truth,
the single biggest challenge has been finding some wind with day after day
of 4-6 knots or so which is not really enough to propel a 30 tonne sailing
vessel without all the rigging clanging. Until today we have only had one
full 24hr period of 12-15 knots of wind in 2 weeks. Today there is nearly 20
knots so we should arrive in style with poled out genoa, main and staysail
all doing their bit to deliver 9+ knots SOG (speed over ground)...magical.

Memorable experiences would be the night skies, dramatic lightning shows
(fortunately many miles away) and eating the best fresh fish ever.

As you will all know, boats work a watch system to cover each 24hr period
and on board Sea Flute they are a mixture of 4 hr watches during the day and
3 hr night watches. Everyone has their least and most favourite, for me best
was 0400-0700, some great sunrises, least favourite was 2200-0100, too early
to sleep properly and wake up without feeling tired.

In preparation for a night on the town Dave and me decided to have a haircut
and deck shower so as not to waste valuable time later, have included a
couple of photos for your amusement.
Bye for now.

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