Day 2 50:09.18N 05:03.79

Wed 31 Aug 2016 22:19
Day two of our adventure started at 0700 with a beautifully still and sunny
morning at Portland Marina. Ideal for Dave to test the drone from the jetty
in preparation for its maiden flight from the aft deck of Sea Flute. The
drone was launched at 0830 whilst motoring towards the harbour exit, with a
second's heartache, a leap and helping hand from Tom which resulted in our
first deck take off. Lesson 1 - when launching from the back of a boat,
just gun it, no need for slow gentle take offs because there is a lot of
rigging and things that simply want to get in the way. Dave took some great
video (hopefully you can see an image) and then it was time to get it back
on-board. Lesson 2 - make sure the return to start is not in active mode
because our drone left the skies above Sea Flute to return to its original
starting position some 2 miles boat there then. Next Sea Flute is
following the drone at full speed having completed a 180 degree turn in an
attempt to regain control of its auto landing programme. Fortunately, we
were successful and eventfully we had it back on board. Lesson 3 - forget
trying to land it back on the deck simply grab its legs when it gets close!
The passage to Dartmouth was a gentle motor sail with very little wind but
lots of sun interspersed with two separate sightings of Common Dolphin pods.
Whilst in Dartmouth, we had a chance to meet up with an old 4th Heswall Sea
Scout friend of mine called Chris Eakin and his wife Debbie who had arrived
just before us aboard their newly purchased Malo 47.
Sea Flute departed Dartmouth 0937 31.8.16 bound for Falmouth with a book
signed and written by Chris called "A Race Too Far" and appropriately it's a
story about a round the world sailing race. We are all looking forward to
reading its contents.
Bye for now

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