50:21.09N 3:34.31W

Wed 31 Aug 2016 07:51
Well here we are finally on our way, after decades in the dreaming, years in
the planning, months in the organising & weeks in the panicking! What an
emotional rollercoaster we have been on. Wonder at the generosity & love
people have shown us over the past few weeks as we said our goodbyes & great
sadness as we leave behind those we care so much for.
We spent the first day here trying to pack the boat with what looked like
the contents of the local chandlery. Magically it all seems to have
disappeared into the belly of seaflute, with Dave's fastidious inventory we
should be able to find them again! I packed most of my entire wardrobe with
the thought that what I can't fit onto the boat can go home again. I would
have been so upset finding I still had space & hadn't brought enough stuff
to fill it. Well funnily enough nothing got sent home.
After the trauma of all that packing & stowing away, we spent a wonderful
evening with family & friends who then came to the marina the following
morning where Seaflute has lived for the last two years, to give us an
emotional send off. Thank you to everyone for all your kind messages & best
Let's talk about the weather which on our very first day has been so kind to
us although Tom & Dave are greatly disappointed, they wanted to be sailing
not motoring! Unfortunately the wind has been on seaflute's nose all day so
she only had an hour shaking out her skirts. Portland is our first stop,
moor up, book in & contemplate over a few bevvies. Our first 50 miles
completed, only 31,950ish to go! Next stop Dartmouth then Falmouth where we
will wait for fair weather before we take a jaunt across the Bay of Biscay,
which Dave assures me will be like a mill pond. Well I'm holding him to
that! I'll let you know how that goes. That's all for now, Galley slave
Lindy xxx