Nearly there leg one. 18:12.74 023:26.08W

Thu 10 Nov 2016 20:37
Hi Folks
We are 125 miles from Cape Verdes with a speed over the ground of 9.5 knots
so should be there early tomorrow morning. We are sailing with full mainsail
and poled out genoa. The waves are almost directly behind us with the
occasion stray that knocks us sideways. The wind has been 25 -30 knots all
day backing and veering between NE and ENE. We are currently making some
way westwards so we don't end up having to gybe round the island in the
morning. There is not much other traffic around now, which either means we
are going the wrong way or we are doing quite well in the overall fleet?
Tomorrow all will be revealed as the fleet converge for the final run into
the islands. With the exception of Tom I think the rest of the crew think
I'm slightly bonkers but I'm really excited and won't get much sleep
I'll let you know how we got on tomorrow.
Cheers for now
Skipper Peds