Plymouth and reflections on the voyage

Wed 5 Jul 2023 00:24

Approaching Sutton Harbour in Plymouth, 50:22.00N 004:11.00W, Brian’s partner, Sascha, welcomed us from the Mayflower Steps.  The lock was in free-flow mode and we entered the basin around 10am and secured to the allocated berth - incidentally, the second most expensive visitors berth in the entire Atlantic circuit after Rodney Bay, Antigua.  Sascha joined us on the boat followed quickly by Alison bearing chocolate cake which was enjoyed in the cockpit with coffee all round.

Then followed a team effort to clear the deck of headsails which, since the furling drum failure, had been secured to the guard wires when not in use, and to remove the mainsail which needed to be taken away for some minor repair and reinforcement.

Keith and I had a beer in the Minerva at lunchtime and people then went their own ways leaving the boat to me during the afternoon when my daughter, son in law and grandchildren descended.

In the evening a gathering of some of the participants on the various legs, and family members, convened at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Y.C.  The Club had laid on a ‘welcome home’ which was a lovely surprise.

On Monday morning, Brian, Sascha and I put the boat back on our mooring at Torpoint Yacht Harbour to conclude the circuit.   I would like to thank them and everyone who helped with the both the preparation and execution of the circuit; I couldn't have done it without them.  Thanks also to family and friends who kept in touch  by email and WhatsApp.


Summary of legs and distances:

Tony, Phil, Chris:   Plymouth - A Coruna - Corme - Camarinas -  Finisterre - Ribeira – Pobra -

    Vigo - Islas Cies - Baiona - Viana do Castello - Lexiose - Porto.                                                739 miles

Tony, Chris: Porto -Lexiose - Figuera do Foz - Peniche - Cascais                                                   180 miles

Tony, Chris, Sascha, Brian:  Cascais - Lisbon - Lisbon                                                                    26 miles

Tony, Brian, Alison:  Cascais (should have been to Madeira, sorry Alison)                                     0 miles

Tony, Brian: Cascais - Lanzarote                                                                                                   662 miles

Tony, Brian, Morag, Dave: Lanzarote - Grasciosa - Rosario - Las Palmas                                   340 miles

Tony, Brian, Morag: Las Palmas - La Gomera - Sal - Boa Vista - Sao Nicholau - Mindello          984 miles

Tony, Brian, Morag:  Mindello - Grenada (Port Louis)                                                                2137 miles

Tony, Brian:   Grenada - Tobago - Grenada                                                                                   168 miles

Tony, Brian Steve:  Grenada - Carriacou- Tobago Cays - Union Island - Grenada                        160 miles

Tony, Brian, Cilla: Grenada - Carriacou - Union Island - Tobago Cays/ Petite Rameaux - Bequia

     - St Vincent - St Lucia - Martinique - Dominica - Les Saintes  - Guadaloup - Antigua               397 miles

Tony, Brian, Keith: Antigua, Barbuda, Bermuda, Flores, Faial, St Marys, Plymouth                    4104 miles

                                                                                                                                            Total:  9897 miles