Saturday 10 December, About half way to Cabo Verde

Sat 10 Dec 2022 10:39

Just a short update today.  We have at last reached the trade winds and are now running direct for Cabo Verde with, at 10 am this morning, 377 miles to go to Ilha do Sal, our first land fall, and one of only three ports of entry in Cabo Verde where we can deal with immigration and customs.  Our position at 10am was 21:54.3N 18:56.8W.  Sailing almost dead downwind, we are making 5 knots.

We only got sailing again at first light this morning when the wind started to fill in from the northeast. Prior to that we had motored for 24 hours through a zone of no wind which was also overcast, damp at times and with occasional zero visibility in fog at night.  We knew from the satellite-derived weather forecast that we should get through it in 24 hours or motoring, but what a relief to turn the engine off; and now the sun is out!

Prior to the wind ‘hole’ we had been sailing to windward for nearly three days and the best course took us to within 30 miles of the African coast until we had to tack away.

During the day of motoring, we stopped the boat for half an hour in the middle of the day for Brian and Morag to swim.  I say stopped but even with no Genoa set and pointing into what little wind there was, it is almost impossible to completely depower a full-battened mainsail.

I tried to make some wholemeal bread yesterday, but it didn’t rise so we had wholemeal biscuits instead.

Best wishes, Tony, Brian and Morag


Swimming stations yesterday
Running down to Cabo Verde this morning.