Friday January 6th

Fri 6 Jan 2023 14:00

Last update from sea (on this leg) - Friday  6th January

 At 1100 today our position was  12:05.22N 59:27.05W with about 140 miles to go so we could be in St Georges, Grenada, by mid day on Saturday which would be 15 days, door to door.  We will have sailed about 2200 miles from Cabo Verde.

The satellite phone system works but is very basic in that I can send and receive compressed email but the speed? is not sufficient for internet which would allow us to ask Google important questions about sea birds, recipes and the host of other questions that arise in everyday life at sea.

Hooking up the satellite phone is a bit of a kerfuffle.  We have a little laptop running a dated email package - so basic that it has a dial -up facility – but that is what in needed here.  The computer ‘talks’ to a router by wifi and the router is connected to the satellite phone by cable.  Additionally, I fix an antenna to the A-frame on the stern and run a rather uncooperative cable through the boat to connect to the satellite phone.  When everything is connected, we can send a number of pre-prepared emails in one shot of satellite connection.  A dozen emails, a diary post and a weather forecast request typically takes 3 minutes of satellite connection time.   After we arrive we can revert to wifi-powered devices and use Whats App and email  for comms.

We are still running fast and moving around a lot in a following sea with twenty knots of wind behind us.   Yesterday the trip meter showed 162 miles run from noon to noon -our best yet. Travelling west we have had to put the clocks back every 15 degrees of longitude to keep daylight aligned with daytime (or tummy time).  We were already GMT minus one hour at Cabo Verde and put the clock back another hour a few days after we left.    With each of us having then having to steer for three hour watches, no one wanted to ‘cop’ the extra hour for the next clock change so we moved it back twenty minutes on each of three successive watches one afternoon to GMT -three hours.  We’ll put the clock back another hour when we get to Grenada to come into line with them.

So, looking forward to showers, rest, a beer or two, eating out and easy communications with family and friends,

All best, Tony, Brian and Morag