Camarinas to Finisterre

Fri 23 Sep 2022 20:19

Friday 23 September, Ria de Finisterre

N 42 54.0   W 009 15.0

Camarinas was very pleasant and we walked to a beach where even Chris swam. We also did some shopping and laundry – it’s not all pleasure.

On Thursday we sailed downwind (again) from Camarinas to the major Headland of Cabo Finisterre and rounded into the Ria de la Finisterre

anchored off the Puerto and later moved to a (free) pontoon berth.

Cabo Finisterre in good weather
Julie asked us to fly the flag
The team make it to the end of the Camino
Washing Day in Puerto de la Finisterre
Dinner prep
More catering

The sail down was light and we started off running under asymmetric alone but doused it when the wind got up to 12 knots.  We should have hung on to it but had been spooked by the rising wind in the afternoon on the previous day and played safe.  In the event the wind dropped, so we had n motor around the headland but at least we could get some pictures.

The Puerto de la Finisterre was lively in lovely weather and bustling with healthy, outdoor types who had, or were about to complete their Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage by walking to the ‘end of the earth’ at Cabo Finisterre. We did the walk out to the Cabo this morning and assumed everyone we passed thought we had walked the 800+ km or so because we also look like outdoor types.  Chris had done the entire walk almost two years previously.

We anchored tonight in another deserted bay looking at a golden beach. I snorkelled to check the anchor holding with my new fins and Phil took the dinghy into the beach to swim.  Before dinner we toasted Phil and Paula’s wedding anniversary (remembered when Phil phoned Paula this morning – men and memories!) with a Plymouth Gin & tonic, preceded by an Estrella Galicia beer, and followed by a bottle or two of local red wine. (Phil: She still hasn’t confirmed whether it’s 5 or 4 years, but bear in mind that we’ve been together for over 20 years, so how am I supposed to remember without the diary). We had Pimento de Padron (Phil) as a first course and pasta/chorizo main (Chris). The dinghy has been stowed and, listening to a bit of Bob Marley, we are planning a passage to the Ria Arousa tomorrow: 40 miles so an early start.

All best, Tony, Phil and Chris