Sat 5 Nov 2022 03:22
Saturday 5 November
 32o 41.4 N   10o 56.6 W
Just a few lines and no pictures from the good ship Scathach heading (slowly) for the Canaries with 280 miles to go at 0200 this morning.  This is a satellite 'hook up' as we are out of cell phone range.   At the moment we are well south west of Casablanca making 5-6 kts on a course of 225o.
Brian and I are two handed from Cascais, Portugal, to (eventually) Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to pick up Dave Tremain and Morag Findlay. At the moment we are running almost dead down wind with the main pinned out on the port side  and the Genoa poled out to starboard.   The Hydrovane self steering is doing a great job without using any electricity from the batteries.
Alison came  out for a week intending to sail to Madeira with us but the weather was pants and we had to stay in port.  In fact, we didn't get any decent weather or a wind with any north in it until  1st of November having waited almost three weeks in Cascais. 
So we have been four days now making our way direct to the Canaries, ghosting on a flat sea at times, and yesterday we motored towards the N. Afrrian coast for 12 hours to find, and eventually picked up, this north easterly breeze which should get us to Lanzaarote on Monday now.
Best wishes,  tony and Brian