Loading charts and pilot books

Mon 29 Aug 2022 18:09
Location:     Plymouth,   T- 1 week.
This is really just a trial of the blog software but it may give you a flavour of some of the preparations.   We are ticking items off the prep list as we count down the days to departure which will be: 'when the weather looks OK after September 4th'.   Some of the modifications on the boat have included revising the gas  bottle storage to a safe draining location and adding the option of propane or Camping Gaz.   We have fitted solar panels and new domestic batteries along with a 3KVA inverter which will allow us to boil a kettle and operate the microwave to save on gas.  We have fitted a Bimini-type sunshade to the solar arch and installed a Hydrovane self-steering system.  The latest addition has been an Iridium phone and Mailasail 'comms' package which should allow us to keep this blog going at sea as well as send/receive emails and receive weather forecasts as GRIB files - as long as we are not feeling too queasy. 
We are pulling into Mayflower on Thursday to load the bulky items such as bicycles, charts and pilot books with a final top up planned for Saturday when we can also fill the water and fuel tanks.  The pictures show some of the pilot books and paper charts ready to go onboard to augment the Navionics electronic charts.
That's it for now, watch this space.  The Scathach crew.
PS     We can be tracked on AIS  - try 'Vessel Finder' and search for Scathach