"32:06.43N 049:36.14W"

R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Thu 9 Apr 2020 18:58

First writing in the diary for this trip.

We are now on day 5 of the trip and are going well, we are half way to the Azores, and are still looking as to whether to stop there or carry on, at present it looks as though we will carry on as we are doing pretty well with fuel, and we should be sailing for a few more days.


We have been sailing NE since we left Antigua on Saturday. We have been trying to get away from the high pressure which was blocking the way to the Azores/med. We have motored about one and a half days and sailed the rest. Yesterday evening after Archie´s quiz night we turned the motor on as the wind dropped, during the night the wind shift came and the wind increased again, and we gybed and put the sails up at 0900 boat time. We have been sailing towards the Azores since in 25-30knot winds, so the boat is going quick and it is comfortable with delivery main and staysail.


This wind should be with us today, probably dropping and going towards the south as we sail away from the low pressure to the north, if it drops significantly then we will gybe to get back into it. The next forecast will let us know how we are doing.


We should have sailable conditions for the next 4 days, which will help fuel level for remainder of the trip.

We are keeping an eye on a low pressure to the east of us which we hope will dissipate and give a clear opening to the east, if not we will have to go the long way around and over the top of it and to the north of the Azores. The next 3 days will show this. If it lines up as we hope we will get a good slingshot toward the med.


Life on board is good. Health wise all good, temperatures are being taken daily to check for fever, and all is normal. It seems strange to be doing this but this may become normal for us now, I have a record for the last 2 weeks which should ease our entry into Europe.

We are liking not having the news, as mostly it was horrible before we left. It looks like certainly in Spain things are flattening, and as Antigua´s infection rates and first deaths are getting recorded I feel as though we left at the right time. Life is simpler out here, but we hope all stay safe out there.


Mat and crew


Rainbow J-H2


Time 15:30 UTZ


Speed 11.0 knots

Course 090 degrees


Distance to Horta 1050nm

Distance to Gibraltar 2390nm


"32:06.43N 049:36.14W"