over half way.....

R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Tue 11 Dec 2018 11:32

Finally another milestone. We went past halfway yesterday so from now on the miles will start ticking off quickly (well in the head anyway)…

Same same at the moment, the wind is still light, and when there is some it is dead downwind, so we are still motoring. We have still a decent amount of fuel, possibly not enough to motor the whole way, but close. So we are using it whilst we can and waiting for more favourable winds, rather than sail extra miles for not much gain.

There should be some more wind tonight and into Wednesday, and then another light patch and Friday should bring more wind, to hopefully sail into Antigua. We are all hoping to get there on Sunday, but maybe it will be Monday. By tomorrow we will have under 1000 miles to go so the miles will tick down.


Everyone is getting melancholy, enjoying having the peace out in the ocean, but looking forward to shore. We are all enjoying being away from electronics and what has become normal in society with having internet on tap, conversations are flowing and there is a lot of laughter, I am sure as soon as there is reception we will all start looking at our hands and that phone in it, but for now it is nice only using the phone for finding music for the watch.



"22:08.09N 042:41.89W"



Course: 272

Speed: 8.1


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