Zaandam departure

R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Sun 3 Jan 2016 20:25
Hello all,

Just a quick update to let you know we are finally departing Zaandam tomorrow morning. We have a VERY small weather window which will barely give us time to dash 30 miles down the coast to Scheveningen (near the Hague) but it is 30 miles we don't have to do in the next window. (40 if you include the 10 miles for us to get to the sea from here!) It will be good to get Rainbow moving and her crew in delivery mode.

Just remember you can track our progress (plus the odd bit of news) here:

I have just set up and tested our Sat-C satellite terminal to automatically transmit a position update every 12 hours. These will also be plotted on this page.

We expect to be storm bound in Scheveningen for two or three days before we can make the next hop to Southampton. Looks like we're finally on our way back to the sun!

All the best,


Mike Kopman

Captain, s/y RAINBOW J-H2
Mobile: +34 672 411125
Satphone: +870 773 155445