"22:39.40N 026:27.72W"

R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Mon 16 Dec 2019 09:46

0900 UTC 16/12/19


We motored out of the clutches of the High Pressure system and caught the back end of the flow, which is Northerly And pushing us SW. We hoisted the sails at 14:30 yesterday 15th December, and have had decent sailing since.

There are rain clouds to dodge and the wind is going gradually to the East, so we are sailing pretty much on course for our waypoint at 20deg North, which will keep us out of the light winds, and hopefully sailing.

The new delivery mainsail is doing a good job, as we are able to sail in winds from 14 knots, whereas before we had to go over 20 knots to get anything out of the trysail. This new sail is a beast to get down as is  loose footed and flaps around considerably, but certainly doing what it was designed for.


Last night we sailed past the Oyster Enso, who called us up on the VHF radio, and on the other end was our previous chef Amy, nice to catch up, and also nice for Bill her boyfriend who is on board Rainbow.


We should be sailing for a few days now, but will get tricky as the wind moves more to the East and we have to put in a series of Gybes to get west. We cannot sail very deep as we roll too much and the sails flap which is not good for the rig and rigging so it is a fine balance to get the angle right, and psychologically hard if you look at the chart too much and see us sailing nowhere near the right course, but that is always the case going this way.


That’s all for now.


Mat and the crew of J-H2


"22:39.40N 026:27.72W"

COG 253

SOG 10.3

Sails up: Delivery mainsail, staysail and Yankee