R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Tue 19 Mar 2019 13:50


We departed Antigua around midday yesterday Monday 18th. It takes a while to pack the boat away for sea, as the anchor needs stowing, which necessitates removing the chain and craning the anchor into the locker, probably a half an hour process.


The sails went up and we tacked offshore to clear the island, before tacking onto starboard for the long tack northwards, and out of the easterly flowing trade winds.



One reef in the mainsail and staysail and yankee were set, and off we went. 18 knots of wind and the boat easily sailing along at 10/11 knots upwind.

This has continued since, a good first night at sea with lovely sailing conditions. We have just shaken the first reef out at 0900 boat time, as the wind is about 9/11 knots. We are still sailing at 10 knots, towards out first waypoint of 23N 60W which is when the wind will probably get flukey and we will have to motor for a bit.


Life on board is good, other than a couple of people with the flu, which no doubt will go through the crew over the coming week. Either the flu or Antiguan excess, we will see how many catch it!!


That’s all for today. Sun is shining and waves are calm.




"20:03.82N 060:59.60W"


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