"35:50.43N 040:21.14W"

R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Sat 11 Apr 2020 19:27

A week into the trip, we are flying along on a beam reach, averaging 11 knots and up to 14 knots at times.

We have 21 knots from SSE and have just reduced sail from main, yankee, and staysail, to just staysail with main. Speeds are not much lower but comfort and control if it gets windier is better.


We are getting used to life on an angle, which we will do for 2 days on starboard tack, before a day of motoring  then 5 days on port tack.


We are going to miss the azores as we have plenty of fuel, but we may end up going North of the islands to hook into the next pressure in the right place. There is a northerly gale coming so if we are to the north we can keep it on the beam or preferably aft of the beam, this should take us into the Straits of Gibraltar with any luck. And at good speeds.

The 24 hours run today was 268nm, which is very quick and a record on Rainbow for this crew. It is nice as we are not pushing hard and the boat is comfortable.

Another day like that before the next transition.


The best thing for us is we have used no diesel in the last 24 hours, we are using the propeller generator and are keeping the batteries topped up.


That’s all for now.


Mat and the crew of Rainbow J-H2


TWD 161

WSPD 20kts

COG 076

SOG 11.3