R A I N B O W - JH2
1934 Am Cup Ltd
Thu 21 Mar 2019 07:01

Flying along out here in very nice conditions.

We started out going upwind on starboard tack for 2 days getting away from the trade winds and waiting to see what the rather complex North Atlantic weather would do. By now it was expected that the wind would drop and we would be going through a transition of no wind before moving into some lighter wind. Well for us the weather has changed nicely and the expectant low pressure did not materialise and the wind in our area has stayed and veered to the south so we are able to arc h to the East and are now pointing to the Azores.

We are 1700nm away and flying along at 11 knots with full main, staysail and yankee in flat seas . Perfect J sailing. AND IT IS A LOT OF FUN AND REALLY NICE.


We are skirting the treough between the High and low and hope to keep in this for a couple more days before the wind increasers and pushes us closer. Though further ahead looks pretty messy, we will enjoy what we have.


It was Darraghs birthday yesterday, we did not change the routine too much, but Ana made him a card and we gave out presents at sunset.


That’s all for now.


Mat and crew.




"25:46.03N 057:15.49W"


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