jp blog 9 from 38N:33W

Sun 4 May 2014 22:31
Hello again,
bad visibility, cold, but no icebergs. Drizzle, could be London or Hamburg. Baked some more bread, less yeast, less fluffy but very good again. We are so far ahead of schedule that we decided to include Flores, cleaely my granddaughter Floras isle. Tom is without pain but chickened out making the dough which I recommended as rehab. Tomorrow, when we expect to reach Flores, we will have been at sea for a fortnight since leaving St.Martin, quiteincredible. Behind us once again a huge high pressure system with little wind. What have we done to be so favoured by Aeolus.
Dolphin and whalespotting good. Have identified Atlantic spotted Dolphin, bottlenose Whale and short beaked or saddleback dolphins and a particularly nasty jellyfish, Portuguese Man'o War with nettles up to 4 metres long and a very nasty sting indeed. For turtles which eat jellyfish this must be their jelly madras or vindaloo!
Tomorrow showers, possibly laundromat and dinner chez Paula who is warmly recommended by our pilot book. The day afte tour of the island and then off to Horta.
More in a few days time