Fri 16 May 2014 14:53
jp blog 11 , may 16th 2014

Hello again,
enjoyed Ponta Delgada, the blue and the green lake etc., but felt that 5 days was a bit long. That is the problem with planning flights well in advance. Barbara and Ingrid liked the island so much that instead of island hopping they have checked into a spa. They had not read what I said about that in my previous blog!
Crew keen to set off for Falmouth, skipper wants to go to Terceira. Had a democratic discussion and skipper won (with some help from Aeolus). Had a very pleasant overnight sail to Angra (almost full moon) and arrived just as the marina office opened at 9am. Clearing in, breakfast, shower all behind us when Henning fell into a trap I set him. The aft spring is about a foot above the narrow finger pier. He duly got is foot hooked and landed, if you can call it that, on the other side inthe water. Mobile phone and trousers are being dried right now.
Angra is a real jewel, by far the most beautiful place we have seen on these islands. It used to be the most important city of the Azores, being at the crossroad of traffic to South America, India and back. The Island has also a large airport left over from the second world war whicch helped subsequent development. The early wealth is reflected in a stunningly beautiful city centre.
Aeolus informed us that winds will be favourably from Sunday onwards only. We are all looking forward to an extra day and a half here.
Thats all for today.

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