jp blog 5 28N:55W

Sat 26 Apr 2014 19:05
We heard a big door slamming shut. But, luckil! It was behind us, not in front. A huge ridge of hich pressure is now extending from the Azores high to beyond the Dominican Republic. We were extremely lucky to have got justnorth of it before it was fully formed. To tne northwest is a strongish depression lurking over the Gulf Stream. It should travel NW giving us following wind for the next few days. We are beginning ro feel its long swell coming our way.
We are also beginning to spot the odd Sargasso Weed. But nothing close to the density I had expected.
Bythe way, he riddle of the higher sea level: bodies on the move (no, not the Zombies or other undead from Haiti or similar places but bodies of water, air etc.) are deflected to the right in the northern hemisphere, as discovered by a chap called Coriolis. Not sure whether Beethoven wrote his Coriolis Ouverture about him.
So, water moving north along the US coastis is deflect towards mid Atlantic (luckily not enough to turn off the Gulf Stream) and so is water flowing south along the Africn coast. And remember the absence of the plug hole.
No more nonsence for today, butnot much is happening that is worth reporting. Its just a peacefull little cruise.
Talk to you soon again.