vol2 day 2

Wed 23 Apr 2014 18:16
Is this tradewind sailing again?? Weare doing 7.5 to 8 kn under reefed main and reefed and boomed out genoa. It was a struggle though to head into the wind in a foece 7 to reef the main and I got a bucketfull of warm seawater down the neck. We have done over 300 nm during the first 2 days and feel very smug (for no good reason as you will hear).
In St.Martin we touched the pier slightly with our hydrogenerator when entering our berth but it looked fine. A more thourough inspection would have been better! When we lowered it into the water it sounded strange and soon packed up. The spare started charging allright but soon stopped functioning. We shall now starte the engine evey 2 days for charging our batteries. No big deal. But the back up is gone. We finished a disappointing day with a nice Indian meal and ourspirits were restored.
The new crew have seen their first flying fish land on deck. At1-1/2 inches too small for the frying pan.
Our excellent progress is due to the Azores high being squeezed by a depression over the Sargasso sea. We not only make ver good speed But are on a more direct course. Good bye Bermuda. Your shorts are on board but no chance of seeing you evn in the distance.
Soon more from Carpe Diem