Dairy vol. 2, day minus 4 (day 1 =departure)

Mon 14 Apr 2014 14:56
Woke up at 4am again. Its 10am in France now and my bodyclock doesnt know the longitude. Before getting up I took the first diffcult decision of the day (no, not whether to get up). To try to continue Philips blog. I struggle with several handicaps. I miss two of is fluencies. That of his command of the English language and his easy flowing style of writing. Well, he practises more with his monthly Hamphire Property blog and five times daily facebook updates. He also deprived me of an excuse not to write. He directed me to a company in Poole who managed to make my new Iridium phone talk to its (dedicated??) wifi hotspot. It took them at least half an hour, I was not a client of theirs and they refused payment. Many thanks again.

On the first leg we enjoyed Philips freshly baked bread, pizza etc very much. He also deprived me of an excuse not to try to continue that by handing me a tin of dried yeast. We also discovered on the first leg that we used less gas than anticated. No excuse there either.

Preparations are tedious. Before leaving Antigua in february I had given a workman three tins of antifouling, a new seacock for the loo, money for the repair of an outboard and instructions for some minor jobs. The antilouing was done, the motor was not returned, the small jobs were half done and the seacock fitted so that in the closed position one could not close the door of the locker below the washbasin. Today I hope to get a handle made to measure at the local yard, the motor is back and running and all other jobs finished. Except that one always discovers something else to be done. The filler cap to one of the water tanks could not be opened, corroded and frozen solid. Hope the chandlery has a replacement.

Enough moaning for the first blog. I am looking forward the arrival of the new crew tomorrow. I left the provisioning to be done toghether so as not to offend their taste buds. The two great cooks we had on board on the first leg will be sorely missed! Washing up (my main job) is so much more fun after a michelin star meal before.

Talk to you again soon.