jp blog 6 31N:51W

Mon 28 Apr 2014 14:34
Since writing last we had two periods of very light winds, say Bft 2, with swell feom the west. The emptying and filling of the sails, big bangs and rattling rig drive me potty. As we were still doing 3kn in the right direction we did not want to take down ll sail. Some of the time usefully employed bakkng my first ever bread. Took 1kg of flour and found it very exhausting to knead. Also impossible to bake in one go. Result though, very tasty! Next time 1/2kg will have to do.
The sea is incredivly blue, its blue water sailing, but blue is the desert colour of the ocean. No plankton which constitutes the bottom of the marine food chain.
One little celebration when we crossed 30N. As we also crossed 52W we moved the clock 1h forward. Daylight once again in line with local time. It is 1h every 15 degrees and at 52 we are closer to 45 than 60. so it is 3h behind GMT here. Seen two freighters since leaving St.Martin. Probaly Gibraltar Savannah or thereabouts. Its really quite crowded here.
We have just jibed and are now going great guns directly toward Horta, Azores. The weather appears to allow us to take this somewhat shorter course. I think we have reached the zone of prevailing westerlies. Anyway, the present speed of over 7kn should compensate for lighter winds over the last few hundred miles. Shall not fail to report about the second baking or other earthshattering events.