Vol.2 no.2

Sat 19 Apr 2014 23:51
What was the most impressive rainbow you ever saw? A brillant double with both limbs almost touching the ground and a faint third one above? Mine so far had been one I saw looking out of a small plane, projected onto a white cloud, the shape of the plane in the centre and it was a full circle. Now I have gone one better. The day before yesterday, just two or three nights after full moon and almost bright enough to read a paper outside, the moon behind us and a threatening black raincloud ahead, the faintest of outline and the faintest of colours but undoubtedly a real rainbow in front of the cloud. None of the nearly 300 years gathered on board had seen anything like it.
That topped the day of our deprture from Antigua. Earlier that day we had visited Shirley Heights, an ancient look out from Nelsons time. One goes the just before sunset to enjoy a drink nd a snack looking out over English Harbour with Nelsons Dockyard at the innermost end and Falmouth Harbour beyond. As the sun sets the lights go on and the scene is again transformed.
Having returned to Jolly Harbour the bar only about 30 metres from the boat hosted a Caraoke Contest. Too jolly for us. It took us 10 seconds to decide we wanted a night sail. For the reward see first para.
We had a sceaming reach to Gustavia, St. Bart, and arrived there at 8am the next morning.
Gustvia Roads showd about a million and a half boats at anchor and we decided to join them instead of trying to find space inside. Before leaving this morning we circled the inner harbour and found it a most likeable little place, probably even better out of season. We arried on towards St. Martin but could not resist the charms of Ile Fouchue and its beautyful anchorage on its leeward side (the trades re still blowing quite strongly).
If you should read this over Easter, do enjoy te day and dont miss any eggs someone may have hidden in the garden.
Soon some more.