Blog 14 (last)

Thu 29 May 2014 20:16
The previous blog 400 miles off Falmouth seems ages ago. The weather continued pushing us well along, it was cold and damp. We reached Falmouth on the 26th and enjoyed two days at the marina with showers and some meals and pints ashore. Rick Stein has a busy and well run place there. Then on to Torquay. On the way I tried to fix a very minor leak from the pump of the loo but the plastic did not like being put toghether again and broke. Another job once we get to Hamble. Just before, the echosounder gave up its ghost or rather refused to work because of a 'sea talk failure'. The the autopilot stopped working for the same reason. Must learn seatalk urgently. I am looking at the bright side though and am very pleased that nothing of this sort happened during the previous 9000 or so miles when it would have seriously embarrassed us.
While I am writing this I was called out into the cockpit and what a spectacle! A large group of dolphins was feeding on a shoal of fish which brought them to the surface. There they were whithin reach of seagulls and diving birds, a spactacle that lasted over a quarter of an hour.
We are now between Torquay and Portland Bill / Weymouth. Tomorrow we hope to meet Philip, Caroline and the grandchildren, probably in Lymington.
I do not expect anything worth reporting will happen on our last few miles so this is my good bye to you. I do not know who has been reading all this but the print outs of Philip's and my blog will be a diary of sorts for all who participated in Carpe Diem's Atlantic Circuit and with whom we shared wonderful days at sea.