jp blog 8 35*25N:39W

Fri 2 May 2014 12:51
Still rather rough, doing 7 kn in the right direction. 550nm to go to Horta. Being so far ahead of our time table i had toyed with the original plan to sail via Flores. The Pilot Book gives a most entincing description of the island (thought not of its onlyharbour). An unfortunate accident put paid to that. Tom came out of his cabin and held on to the grip by the chart table when a huge wave hit the boat. He was thrown to starboard and his shoulder dislocated backwards. Very painful. He held on to the grip and when the boat righted herself it apparently flipped back in. Tom is a Physiotherist of many decades experience. He tested his ability to do anumber of mivement und it appears that no ligament or muscles are torn but one minor muscl partially torn. In Horta we shall see how he is progressing, whether he needs medical help or can continue.
While writing this the expected slackening of the wind has begun , down to 6Bft now.
I am rather in favor of the Imray Charts and have used them since my sailing days in UK waters. For the caribbean and atlantic charts they acquired a double barrelled name, Imray-Iolaire.. Iolaire is the name of the Old Gaffer of Donald M.Street Jnr, aa very sprightly junior at over 80. He is reponsblefor the wealth of information on the back of these charts. He wrote about fog: ......if you are approaching the Azores and the weather is clear and suddenly you encounter fog, it is very likely there is a niceberg, sorry, a tying error, surely freudian, which shall remain uncorrected. He continues,.... Look carefully at the IMRAY IOLAIRE north atlantic passage chart etc.etc.
For the fainthearted reader: one, this must be extremely rare and, two, the area where this nasty species hibernates is probaly frozen feom october to april so that they don not yet go walkabout, at least in these waters.
Tom is occupying my berth so I cant cheat and hide there during my watch.
Must go on deck, bye.