A quick swim

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sun 5 Dec 2010 17:58

13:25.60N 037:17.21W


Saturday 4th December



Another extremely hot day and night.


Not much happened today except that we all went for a swim. Dan tied a fender to a line and threw it off the stern, furled the sails and , when the boat slowed down ,we all jumped in for a swim - not all at once of course!


The water as very warm and unbelievably refreshing. And it was the wierdest sensation to be swimming in water about 4000 mts deep and 1500 miles from land - a unique and really enjoyable experience. Thanks Dan.




No worries, counted them all off and counted them all back on again, start of the trade winds today, although as i'm writing this a squall has gone through taking the wind with it so were back to rolling for a while, but the next few days looks good. Sue had a chat on the radio with a 48 foot oyster yacht that came close today, the owner called back 5 mins later and it turned out I had met him on a course 10 weeks ago, small world. afternoon tea and cake has arrived, so bye till the next time. Dan