38:41N 20:42E

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sat 9 Oct 2010 09:57
Day 1 - Monday 11 October 2010 Vlikho, Levkas
The weather forecast is not good for today ( Southerly upto 30 knots), so we will have to delay our departure for the first leg of the trip from Greece to Sardegna. We spent the day making final preparations for Phoebe B's trip to the Caribbean and back (how many bin bags do you need for 9 months?), learnt how to use the gadgets on board and met the crew. We are Matt (skipper), Barry, Ian and Karen.  Barry has returned for his second trip, so we are no doubt in for a good trip and a few adventures along the way.
A question came up about celestial navigation. Matt produced the sextant from under the chart table seat with a hand written note begging us to treat it with care. He then gave us the almanac which has to be the most scary book in the world. A mass of dense figures which gave no indication of their purpose.Without doubt a volume so soporific that nobody should use heavy machinery in its presence!
Day 2 - Tuesday 12 October 2010 Vlikho, Levkas
The rain seems to be stopping and the forecast seems better (Southerly / South Easterly 15 Knots). We are hoping to leave later today for the first leg across to Messina which is about 250nm. There are a few last minute things to sort out and then we should be off! How exciting!