39:03N 05:52E

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sat 23 Oct 2010 14:56
ETA Palma14:30 Local Time Saturday
Left Cagliari around 3, nice weather but not much wind so motor sailing. Barry cooked a fab spag bog for supper which was much appreciated by all. Watch system working well - 2 hours on over darkness hours and then 6 hours sleep. Beautiful full moon and calm sea all night, not much wind however, but the experience still magical.  Wind picked up late morning from behind, enough to have main out with preventer and genoa poled out - but not enough to turn engines off. Refuelled using 3 of 5 fuel cans strapped to the side of boat. Fishing lines out but Speedy Gonzalez, the local tuna is having a problem keeping up with us.  Working on basis of big lure = big fish!!  So far theory proving wrong!  Rosey going to cook stir fry chicken for supper. 
Rosey John Barry and Matt the Skip, standing by on channel 16!
Trying to catch Dinner